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Empowering Mobile Developers with Gamified Growth Solutions  

Lower cost per install, increase DAU and user retention, and boost revenue.

Spanning Diverse Verticals

Mobile growth for all, tailored solutions for apps of all sizes.

Swift SDK/ API integration with a gamified growth strategy customized based on your needs.











Customer Results by the Numbers

At TurboLink, we measure our success by how we’re helping our customers

drive their own growth quarter after quarter.

Here’s how we’re doing.


Revenue boost

Up to 150% in daily purchases and subscriptions with TurboLink's conversion-driven campaigns.


DAU improvement


20% surge in DAU after the deployment of TurboLink's engaging gamified campaigns. 


Saving user acquisiton cost

160% reduction in Cost Per Install (CPI) with our innovative web to app interactive ads solution and referral gameplays. 


Reliable growth

2X organic growth in app downloads with TurboLink's powerful solution.

We Understand Your Challenges

Cost of User Acquisition

"We can't scale with paid acquisition because the prices are too high and the ROI isn't there."

Engineering Resources

"We dedicated a team of over 10 engineers for 3 months to develop the referral features in-house."

User Retention

"Struggling with low user retention and uncertain about meeting my app's DAU goal"

Attribution Accuracy

"Accurate cross-platform attribution has been a persistent challenge, hindering our ability to optimize our marketing strategy."

Paid Conversions

"App downloads alone aren't enough. Boosting paid conversions to drive GMV is my top priority."

Fraud Prevention

"The high value of rewards in referrals and other gameplay activities has made us vulnerable to fraud. We have incurred significant losses in the tens of thousands due to these campaigns."

Customer Success Stories

App Install
Drives 5,000 Daily Organic App Installs


Customer Challenge
The customer, an FinTech app, primarily operates in the US and European markets. Over the past two years, they relied heavily on paid media channels such as Facebook and Google for user acquisition. However, the soaring user acquisition costs became increasingly unsustainable for their business.

TurboLink Solution
Recognizing the customer's needs, TurboLink deployed three consecutive referral gamified campaigns for the app. This innovative solution harnessed the power of incentivized referrals to drive organic growth and reduce user acquisition costs.

The app witnessed an average of 5,000 app downloads per day, solely through the TurboLink-powered referral gamified campaigns. What's even more impressive was that the cost incurred was only the app credits provided as rewards to users.

Daily Active User
Boost the DAU by 20% 

Customer's Challenge
Our customer is a social networking app targeting the Southeast Asia market. They had been struggling with user retention and Daily Active User (DAU) performance. Their attempts to develop in-app campaigns proved time-consuming and resource-intensive.

TurboLink Solution
With TurboLink's SDK, the customer's User Growth (UG) team was able to configure and launch campaigns without the need for additional R&D resources. In just two days, they implemented Daily Check-in and Monopoly campaigns. Users were incentivized by campaign prizes to open the app consecutively for 14 days.

Immediately following the campaign launch, the customer experienced a 20% increase in DAU. 

Cost Per Install
Reduced the CPI from $5 to $1.9


Customer Challenge
Our customer, a leading E-Commerce app with 2 billion+ MAU, sought more cost-efficient mobile ad channels. Their $5 per install cost was unsustainable.

TurboLink Solution

Instead of relying on traditional app download campaigns or placing ads in TikTok, the customer's marketing team chose TurboLink's Web Traffic solution. They set the Tik Tok campaign goal as driving web traffic and utilized the lucky wheel H5 landing page link generated through TurboLink. Users spun the wheel and won prizes, with app download required to claim. TurboLink seamlessly handled cross-platform attribution, deferred deep linking, and hosted the interactive H5 page.

TurboLink reduced the CPI from $5 to $1.9. The GMV ROI increased by 160%.

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