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Boost Organic Mobile Growth
Thru Gamification 

We help companies boost revenue, increase user downloads, and improve user engagement through gamfied campaigns in their mobile apps.

Our Customers

The Pioneer in Mobile Gamfied Growth

Today we help App Developers and DTC brands worldwide,
from startups to the world’s most prominent brands to
achieve user growth and revenue boost. 


Deeplinks Clicked


Campaigns launched


Unique Devices Opened


App Opens


App Installs

Launch Your in- App Gamfied Campaigns without Code

Achieve cost-effective user growth with our no-code in-app gamfied campaign builder. Monitor real-time campaign performance and retrieve cross-platform attribution reports for accurate tracking.

Convert users from Web to App via world class deeplink 
Deploy gamification campaigns with our no-code platform 
Attribute, anti-fraud, and act on data

Improve user retention and conversions by world class deeplink technology that provide web visitors with quick and seamless pathways that leads into relevant app content. 

Create engaging campaigns without relying on coding expertise, saving time and internal engineering resources.

Stay up to date on campaign performance through cross-platform attribution and multi-level viral relationship tracking

Boost Cross-Platform Marketing Performance with Cutting-Edge Deeplink Technology
  • Leveraging our unique deferred deeplink to improve the user retention and conversion.

  • Comprehensive channel to in- app events attribution to gain in-depth knowledge of organic channel performance, providing support for data-driven decision-making.

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Screen Shot 2024-04-25 at 12.03.53 PM.png
Various in- App Gamification Campaigns That Convert
  • Invest wisely in our no-code in-app gamification platform to elevate your app's performance today.

  • Drive mobile growth with referral, retention, and conversion campaigns.

  • Deploy in just 30 minutes without engineering input.

  • Multiple gameplay options and flexible rule configuration.

Data Insights Empower Decision-Making for Business Growth
  • Gain full insight into every step of your campaign's conversion both inside and outside of the app.

  • Instantly optimize the performance of your gamified campaigns based on data.

  • Attribute user behavior/in- app events back to each specific campaign.

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How it works
User Growth Manager, Christabel

"TurboLink truly helps me reduce user acquisition costs and enhance referral efficiency."

Our Story

Backed by a Silicon Valley unicorn, TurboLink's founding team boasts an average of 10+ years in the mobile growth industry, revolutionizing the way apps grow today.

Our Vision

Empower app developers worldwide to unlock the organic growth potential of their apps through the captivating power of gamification. 


Supercharge app performance with TurboLink's cutting-edge technology in deeplink, cross-platform attribution, and anti-fraud. Amplify viral referrals, enhance user retention, and drive user behavior conversions with our captivating gameplay options.

Who are we
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Tel: 214-680-2983

1400 Seaport Boulevard Building B, Second Floor Redwood City, CA 94063

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