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Accelerate Your Mobile Growth

Utilize the all-in-one growth solution powered by the TurboLink


Gamified User Growth Platform

A cross-device growth solution, transforming existing users into new acquisitions, assisting you in obtaining high-quality users.


Rich User Acquisition and Retention Strategies

There is a variety of engaging gameplay options to support different objectives, including increase user acquisition, retention, engagement, and conversion. Simply choose your goals, and our system will recommend suitable marketing strategies for you.


Flexible Campaign Configuration

We provide a wealth of gamified marketing templates that are ready to use and easy to customize. The platform offers strong scalability, allowing you to create different campaigns freely based on different scenarios, without the need for development or design resources.


End-to-End Conversion Funnel

Each campaign provides comprehensive data analysis and conversion rates at each stage, offering a holistic view of user conversion. Gain a clear understanding of user conversion throughout the entire journey and make targeted adjustments to campaign content.

One-stop gamification user growth solution.


Organic Channel Tracking

Continuously evolving and globally leading deeplink technology to create the best seamless user experience for you.

Web to App跳转.png


By encouraging users to switch from the web to the app, businesses can offer a more optimized and personalized experience, leveraging the capabilities of mobile devices such as push notifications, offline access, device integration, and improved performance.


Cross-Platform User Behavior Attribution

Tracking users across different platforms and channels with deeplink, accurately meeting the attribution needs of clients from various industries. It also provides conversion effects and user behavior trends through intuitive charts and reports.


Organic Traffic Channel Analysis

With our report, you can understand the sources and patterns of organic traffic, identify the most effective channels, prioritize resource allocation, and refine marketing strategies to maximize organic traffic acquisition and engagement.


KOL Sales Performance

Use "smart cross platform tracking code" to achieve user effect attribution on non-link-permitted platforms (like TikTok) and KOL collaboration.users only need to copy this code, open the corresponding app and we do the rest.


Solve every edge case, measure every touchpoint.

Web to App Interactive Ads

Revolutionize your app advertising strategy with TurboLink. Say goodbye to expensive traditional app download ads (CPI) and embrace our cost-effective Web-to-App Interactive Ads, reducing CPI by up to 150%. TurboLink's secret to success lies in its cross-platform attribution and landing page conversion optimization capabilities, delivering exceptional results. Experience the power of TurboLink to enhance your app user acquisition performance and drive outstanding ROAI (Return on Advertising Investment) results.


Web to App Attribution

Leveraging data from over 300 million link clicks and 1 billion app opens, we have developed our own cross-platform user persona. Our algorithm, powered by advanced machine learning and predictive modeling, ensures a high cross-platform attribution rate. With our solution, you can maximize the effectiveness of your web-to-app campaigns and unlock the full potential of reaching and engaging users across platforms.


H5 Conversion

Unlike traditional web-to-app campaigns where H5 landing page conversion is a concern, we have pioneered a range of engaging gameplay experiences that incentivize audiences to download your app. Experience the power of our dynamic H5 landing pages, which boast a conversion rate that is 150%+ higher than traditional static ones. 


In- App Conversion

With our innovative solution, users can instantly see and claim the prize they just won on the web, right after opening the app for the first time. Seamlessly integrate in-app purchases and elevate new user conversion rates with the power of TurboLink's deferred deeplink technology. 

Minimize your cost per install and maximize your ROAS potential. 


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